Faith Lutheran Church

Little Rock,  Arkansas – ELCA

Faith’s Special Ministries and Interests: 
Our House Shelter
Habitat for Humanity
Via de Cristo 
Heifer International
Oaks Indian Mission
Women of the ELCA
The Food Pantry

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Arkansas Oklahoma Synod

Also housed in Faith Lutheran Church is a service benefitting addiction recovery. For more information click the link below:

Lifeway International

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Call: 501-666-0850
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Mission Statement: To know, to serve, and to share Jesus Christ.

Join us for worship:

Sunday Service

10:00 am

Please join us Tuesday, February 9th at 6:00 pm for our Annual Fastnacht Pancake Supper before our Lenten disciplines begin!!


Lifeway for Parents & Youth Dealing with Drug Abuse

Read the Lifeway Story here and at Faith inside


Creative Worship

    Again this winter we are fully engaged in developing our own blend of contemporary worship music along with Christian worship forms that are old and new.   Where once we rotely recited the Apostle’s creed, old and venerated as it was, we now read aloud new affirmations of faith.  With our Dakota Road service we use an affirmation of faith that begins as follows:

   We believe in one Maker God , the Weaver, who weaves the tales of all people into one great tale, one tapestry.  We experience God in many ways: from a mother’s embrace, to a bird in flight , to moonlight on winter snow.  Still it is a God we can never fully understand or name.

    We believe in Jesus, God with us, who was birthed into this world by Mary, a young woman, who to some was still a child. Not knowing fully why,  she had faith to let the miracle be made real in her....We believe in Jesus, a brother, who died, not by accident, but because the story he preached and lived went beyond what was familiar and comfortable.

    That is not to say that our worship is rock and roll. But that we are moving to make worship services accessible to young and old, to new music and liturgy as well as to the best of the traditional.