Faith Lutheran Church

in Little Rock,  Arkansas – ELCA

Creative Worship
February 23rd was one in a succession of creative worship Sundays that will change our order of Worship. We infuse these services with new creative songs and liturgy, and bring renewed spirit to our worship time without abandoning the spirit of our Lutheran roots. 
The 23rd was on the cusp of the end of Epiphany and celebrating the Transfiguration of Jesus.  The service celebrated Jesus as the Light of the World.  Through Him our own light will shine in the dark places of our world.   We started with a call to worship Awake, Awake.
All parts of the service are included here:  inside.

Prayer Around the Cross was our next  creative service, Sunday,  March 16th.  It was a service of healing appropriate to lent .Music_%26_Worship/Entries/2014/2/23_Creative_Worship_3.html

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday Service - 7:00 pm

Come celebrate the last supper of our Lord.

Good Friday Service of the Passion

7:00 pm

This service is based on a choral series of  traditional Good Friday hymns arranged by Hal Hopson to alternate with readings of the passion and untraditional  original songs to move the listener figuratively and emotionally through the events of the day.  

Services of the Tenebrae date back to the eighth century. From Latin, the word Tenebrae means “darkness” and commerates the final hours of Lord’s life on earth, as he approached the cross and suffered to die there.

Easter Service - Sunday 10:00 am.

Come celebrate the Good news of Easter morn.  Our Easter breakfast starts 8:30 am followed by a triumphal celebration of the Easter resurrection at 10:00 am.


Lifeway for Parents & Youth Dealing with Drug Abuse

Read the Lifeway Story here and at Faith inside

Rev. Carl Hoffman 
and wife, Connie
Sermons and Words of FaithWord/Word.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
Shown here are Via de Cristo banners from the many weekends on which our members were pilgrims

Other Resources


    Sunday School - Adult Forums: 9:00 am

    Easter Sunday service: 10:00 am

        Faith Lutheran Church,   Corner of MIssissippi and Markham

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Let Your LIght Shine in the Darkness