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Wait for the Lord:

Advent prepares us for Christmas

Commerce would have you think that Christmas is a feel good time like some form of inebriation, that the celebration can begin with no understanding of why or what we are celebrating.  That we can put aside all the spiritually bad things that trouble our souls and just party because it is that “most wonderful time of the year”.  

But the true joy of Christmas is moving from the pain and bitter experiences of life to the sweet realization that God is with us to overcome the darkness, the sorrow and disappointments of life -- that our lives can be renewed and hope re-awakened.  But is only through loving preparation with others that we can get to these mountain top experiences.  Below we find Advent expressed in music.   You might want to go to the full advent preparation page at the blogspot Psalms in the Stable to mentally prepare:

Lifeway for Parents & Youth Dealing with Drug Abuse

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Creative Worship

    Again this winter we are fully engaged in developing our own blend of contemporary worship music along with Christian worship forms that are old and new.   Where once we rotely recited the Apostle’s creed, old and venerated as it was, we now read aloud new affirmations of faith.  With our Dakota Road service we use an affirmation of faith that begins as follows:

   We believe in one Maker God , the Weaver, who weaves the tales of all people into one great tale, one tapestry.  We experience God in many ways: from a mother’s embrace, to a bird in flight , to moonlight on winter snow.  Still it is a God we can never fully understand or name.

    We believe in Jesus, God with us, who was birthed into this world by Mary, a young woman, who to some was still a child. Not knowing fully why,  she had faith to let the miracle be made real in her....We believe in Jesus, a brother, who died, not by accident, but because the story he preached and lived went beyond what was familiar and comfortable.

    That is not to say that our worship is rock and roll. But that we are moving to make worship services accessible to young and old, to new music and liturgy as well as to the best of the traditional. 

Shown here are Via de Cristo banners from the many weekends on which our members were pilgrims

Never Been a Night Like This

Cantata – Dec. 21. 10:00 am

   Where you there on that first Christmas night?  Anyone who has heard the contemporary Christmas song, “Breath of Heaven” knows one does not have to have been there to sense the great mystery and to feel the divine presence, the breath of God. 

Music is one path to immerse oneself in the joy of that first Christmas night.  This year we sing a Christmas Musical by Lloyd Larson that is alive to that first Christmas in both traditional and non-traditional songs. Come Join us!

Pastor Carlos Summers
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Christmas Eve Service

    7:00 PM December 24th